Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New shelves

I know to the ordinary person they are just shelves but to me it means more room for my crafting stuff:) We tried to move the book case so we could put the shelves side by side, but needless to say, it was too heavy-my man says, "you've got a lot of stuff!" So we put one shelf over the main table I work at and the other one over the table that holds my cricut and sizzix machine. I'm still looking for wire baskets that I could hang under the shelves but Lowe's didn't have them. I want to get some "s" hooks that could maybe hold some little buckets--not sure yet. My punches may be moving too. Decisions, decisions, decisions:) I REALLY need to clean/sort out the bookcase shelves then I'll take a picture.

I really need to make a few cards before it gets too late tonight.

Thanks for looking!

Willa Jean

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  1. I hope you don't hit you head! Just kidding!