Sunday, January 3, 2010

Busy Family Day

We had our fab 4 spend the night with us last night. We are trying to utilize our downstairs more for the grandkids. So hubby set up the 2 toddler beds, 1 crib mattress and 1 pack and play. I took the couch:) One of the perks of being Meme/Papa is that they can stay up later and many more:) So, 9:15 everyone's in their perspective beds. Lot (2 yrs. 4 mos.) is on the mattress on the floor she is always asking to be covered up-if she would stay still long enough-she would stay covered up:) This girl should be my other daughter's (Emily) child. She is her aunt's guts! Love that gorgeous girl!! I have to get a recording of her voice--she has the cutest voice. She begins talking one way and then finishes the sentence with different voice reflections. Most of the time she talks with her lips pursed together:) Charity (4 yrs. 7 mos) is our 'close to perfect' granddaughter. She lays down very quiet and says nothing--she knows the rules, well she just knows everything!, Cal (3 1/2) is total boy but has the gracious, loving, soft heart of his dad. He was looking at his BIG John Deere book that his other grandparents bought him for Christmas..he is all about them tractors:) Emmie (13 mo.) she is just too stinkin adorable, so much smaller than the others were at this age..but very smart. The only time she fusses is when she's hungry or tired. Well, not exactly sure on the time but Cal was still singing Christmas Carols until close to midnight, of course, he was signing them quietly:) Papa & Emmie went to sleep around the same time..I think Papa might have beat her:) The other girls went out by 11:00. Emmie & Cal woke up at 7:00 talking to each other and then the day took off running.
We love them soo much but they can tire (sp?) us out:) The things they say just crack us up. Emmie was climbing on the first step and I said, "Emmie, you'll going to fall and crack your head open." Charity said, "Meems (new name for me), she can't crack her head open, only eggs crack!" Do you think she's ever cracked an egg? Yes, many times helping her mamma.)
Well, I better go and finish some laundry and put some pack & plays away, oh and the toys:) I'm going to post a few pics prob. tom. I need to check with their parents and see if they mind:)
Good night!
Thanks for stopping by:)

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