Saturday, October 30, 2010

Beautiful Day

My sister-in-law came to visit last night:) Barry was off today (a Sat. is very rare) so he hit the golf course this a.m. and Bonnie & I hit some yard sales. I found great bargains and am truly sold/addicted to yard sales! With 4 grandkids, it is the only way to shop!! They have all their snow bibs and only have 1 pair of snow boots to buy. I might end up going to Once Upon a Child and getting them for Lottie. Did you know they only cost $8.50 there?
We went over to the Morrisons so Bonnie could visit with the children b4 going back tom. Emily received her b-day present and loved it:) Meghan will be 26 (wow) in Nov. so she also got her b-day gift.
Barry took me to Red Lobster for dinner!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!! We do not go out to eat, so it's a real treat to do that.
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Willa Jean

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Intimidation/conquering fears

Well, I took the plunge and marked some majors off my to-do list which included starting an etsy shop and uploading cards to SCS. My main issue is taking pictures. So, I'm fiddling around with this and following advice from others. I will tell you one thing, this really takes a lot of time. I'm assuming that will be cut down the more I get familiar with everything.
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Willa Jean

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First Etsy Card

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Where have I been....

After many months, I have returned to the blogging world!! Let's see where I've been: dealing/grieving over the sudden illness and loss of my mom in June and subsequent ending to my position in Nelson County (budget cut); beginning with the transition of my dad coming to VA and staying one wk/mo and adjusting to being a stay-at-home wife and most recently a new grandson which is due in Feb and Emily getting her position with Amherst County as a Pals Aide. So, life has been busy with lots of adjustments but they have definitely been brought upon by Divine Intervention.
I LOVE being home and so happy that I can help with my dad (84). He lives with my brother & his wife in WV. So thankful he is in good health and can handle the monthly visits. He loves seeing his granddaughters and great grandchildren and I might add they really enjoy him too:)
I am also in the process of starting an etsy store. This process is very intimidating to me. Right now, I'm focusing on getting better pictures of my cards.
Anyways, I'm back and looking forward to new challenges:)
Willa Jean