Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Emmie's Name Frame

I made name frames for each of our grandchildren. Unfortunately, the older 3 I did not photograph. Meghan hangs hem in their bedrooms so I try to coordinate the colors. Loved making these and its something they can keep forever. My photography definitely needs help:( If anyone would be interested in an inexpensive gift, please email me.
Will be back later,
Willa Jean

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Great Find

My to-do list was quite long today and I had many errands to run. I wanted to show you a picture of what came home with me this afternoon. Isn't that the cutest cradle? The wood's appearance makes it look quite vintage. I have no 'eye' for antiques so I have no idea if this is one or just 'old':) I don't care-see I have 3 grand-daughters and of course thought immediately of them and how much fun they would have putting their baby dolls to sleep in this cradle. However, it would not be uncommon for any of them to personally try it out:)

My plans are to get or make some type of mattress for it. If you know me, I will not be able to wait and will go ahead and give it to them so they can enjoy it 'as is'.

I have a terrible time keeping things and not giving items as soon as I have them. Anybody else like that?

If you live locally, you will need to check out Encore Thrift Store, in Madison Heights. This is where I found this beauty and several other things.

Have a great weekend!

Willa Jean

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New shelves

I know to the ordinary person they are just shelves but to me it means more room for my crafting stuff:) We tried to move the book case so we could put the shelves side by side, but needless to say, it was too heavy-my man says, "you've got a lot of stuff!" So we put one shelf over the main table I work at and the other one over the table that holds my cricut and sizzix machine. I'm still looking for wire baskets that I could hang under the shelves but Lowe's didn't have them. I want to get some "s" hooks that could maybe hold some little buckets--not sure yet. My punches may be moving too. Decisions, decisions, decisions:) I REALLY need to clean/sort out the bookcase shelves then I'll take a picture.

I really need to make a few cards before it gets too late tonight.

Thanks for looking!

Willa Jean

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Busy Family Day

We had our fab 4 spend the night with us last night. We are trying to utilize our downstairs more for the grandkids. So hubby set up the 2 toddler beds, 1 crib mattress and 1 pack and play. I took the couch:) One of the perks of being Meme/Papa is that they can stay up later and many more:) So, 9:15 everyone's in their perspective beds. Lot (2 yrs. 4 mos.) is on the mattress on the floor she is always asking to be covered up-if she would stay still long enough-she would stay covered up:) This girl should be my other daughter's (Emily) child. She is her aunt's guts! Love that gorgeous girl!! I have to get a recording of her voice--she has the cutest voice. She begins talking one way and then finishes the sentence with different voice reflections. Most of the time she talks with her lips pursed together:) Charity (4 yrs. 7 mos) is our 'close to perfect' granddaughter. She lays down very quiet and says nothing--she knows the rules, well she just knows everything!, Cal (3 1/2) is total boy but has the gracious, loving, soft heart of his dad. He was looking at his BIG John Deere book that his other grandparents bought him for Christmas..he is all about them tractors:) Emmie (13 mo.) she is just too stinkin adorable, so much smaller than the others were at this age..but very smart. The only time she fusses is when she's hungry or tired. Well, not exactly sure on the time but Cal was still singing Christmas Carols until close to midnight, of course, he was signing them quietly:) Papa & Emmie went to sleep around the same time..I think Papa might have beat her:) The other girls went out by 11:00. Emmie & Cal woke up at 7:00 talking to each other and then the day took off running.
We love them soo much but they can tire (sp?) us out:) The things they say just crack us up. Emmie was climbing on the first step and I said, "Emmie, you'll going to fall and crack your head open." Charity said, "Meems (new name for me), she can't crack her head open, only eggs crack!" Do you think she's ever cracked an egg? Yes, many times helping her mamma.)
Well, I better go and finish some laundry and put some pack & plays away, oh and the toys:) I'm going to post a few pics prob. tom. I need to check with their parents and see if they mind:)
Good night!
Thanks for stopping by:)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

This day..

is filled with alot on my to-do list. Soooo, why am I still on the computer? Man, this thing is such a time-waster. With that said, I'm going to get to that list!
Hopefully, I will not be pokey and get everything done so I can do some crafting.
Have a great day!

The first day of 2010...

was welcomed with spending time with my man. We don't get many days together because his days off are Tuesdays & Sundays so we love it when we get an extra one:) We did manage to go out for a little bit. He delivers mail to Kroger and wanted to show me the deals and there were quite a few that we were able to snag. Enjoyed a Starbucks treat-I'm not much on coffee; I always get something that has tons of sweetness. Our last stop was Lowe's. Quite exciting to purchase some shelving for my craft area.
We watched the WV football game-enough said:( The remainder of the day spent with watching movies and my man cooking dinner.
We are very much home-bodies and for some probably lead a 'boring' life but, we LOVE our life!