Monday, November 1, 2010

Birthday/Reformation Day

Last night, the family celebrated my birthday and Reformation Day. Halloween has become so gory and dark that the Morrisons have decided not to participate in Trick/Treat. We totally agree. So, we brought over candy for the gr-kids to enjoy. We had snacks and just a great time of being together. Emily had baked my dessert==a brownie that was beautifully decorated:) The gr-kids helped me blow out the candles. Birthdays are so much fun with the little ones:) In addition to the dessert, Emily gave me a fall candle; Meghan made me a sweater (Morrison Original); John & Ellen gave me a plant-that I promised I wouldn't hurt:)

Shawn talked to the older 3 about Reformation Day and how Martin Luther took a stand for the truth...the only way to get to heaven was thru the acceptance of faith in the sacrifice of God's Son.

So thankful for our family!

I am blessed far more than I deserve

Willa Jean

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