Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday News

We met my brother and his wife in Lexington Thursday to bring my dad here for the week. They were going to ABC for a visit. Love having dad here:) He is very low maintenance. He gets to spend time with Meghan, Shawn & Emily and the Fab 4. The main word that comes to my mind on these visits is the memories that his great grandchildren will have of him coming down and spending time with them.
I have thrown myself into making cards, taking pics of them and loading them onto my gallery at SCS. I'm not sure if I'm a slow learner or this process just takes a while, but I have spent A LONG time on the comp. learning about photoshop. So thankful for dear friends who have sent me links to resizing photos to a DIY light box. My SU friend is going to work with me on Tuesday with my camera.
This blog issues daily challenges. I took a leap and did every one for Sun-Sat! So much fun!!
Emily is coming over for dinner tom. p.m. and yes, she set the menu:)
Our youngest granddaughter, Emmie, turns 2 on Tuesday! She is our monkey:) I think she would climb the walls if her mom let her:) She is the tiniest of all the children and she knows she is spoiled:) Looking forward to her party on Thursday.
Looking forward to watching Andy Griffin, Walker, TX Ranger, and whatever else my dad wants to watch and a trip to Wal-Mart (prob. 2) will be in the plans for the week:)
Thanks for stopping by.
Willa Jean

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