Saturday, October 30, 2010

Beautiful Day

My sister-in-law came to visit last night:) Barry was off today (a Sat. is very rare) so he hit the golf course this a.m. and Bonnie & I hit some yard sales. I found great bargains and am truly sold/addicted to yard sales! With 4 grandkids, it is the only way to shop!! They have all their snow bibs and only have 1 pair of snow boots to buy. I might end up going to Once Upon a Child and getting them for Lottie. Did you know they only cost $8.50 there?
We went over to the Morrisons so Bonnie could visit with the children b4 going back tom. Emily received her b-day present and loved it:) Meghan will be 26 (wow) in Nov. so she also got her b-day gift.
Barry took me to Red Lobster for dinner!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!! We do not go out to eat, so it's a real treat to do that.
Thanks for stopping by:)

Willa Jean

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