Friday, March 23, 2012

Tomatoe Soup and its not even Wednesday!

While I was growing up, every Wednesday we had grilled cheese and tomatoe soup! Never gave it a thought, just ate what was in front of me.

Fast forward to a history of 31 + years of married life and living in this world, I have found that EVERY Wednesday it is grilled cheese & tomatoe soup day--somewhere! While I worked at TCS, on Wednesdays guess what they're right....gc & ts (LOL)

Most people would not think this is that big of a deal, but I've been told that I am not like most people:) I know for a fact that I NEVER fixed my girls gc & ts together let alone on Wednesday (HA)

My mom truly believed she scarred me for life...which of course all this talk about gc & ts is and will remain a family joke.

SO, hubby and I are having home-made Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup for supper but no gc:) Now, why would I be serving this, you might ask. Well, there is a new addiction in my life called 'pinterest' and this recipe looked 'heavenly' so I just had to try it!

My mom would be proud of me for having the ts tonight!

Have a great Friday night!

Willa Jean

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