Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Organizing is the word for this beautiful day! Do you have stuff on your closet shelves that do not pertain to your closet? YES! YES! YES! Hence the pic that is for today:) There is a tote that I have marked "Easter" that was in the storage side of our downstairs...for a long time. Well, said tote and others were moved to our shed. Justification would be that now I have to go all the way to the shed to put said items into the RIGHT tote....man, that is just too much work(HA)! While looking at the items this a.m., the thot also came that, 'what's the use, I will need them next month'. Do you see a pattern here? PROCRASTINATION!!!!!

What would you do?

Making a change..said, I! I'm walking down the stairs all the way to the shed, finding the "Easter" tote and bringing it to the house..wait it doesn't stop there...it will not stop there! I will bring said items downstairs and put them into that blasted tote! It will remain downstairs until next month.

Now, what will I ever find to put on those empty shelves?

Have a great day! And organize something (LOL); seriously.

Willa Jean

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