Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Days/Creating Days

Another snow fall for VA. Indeed it does create a picturesque view. However, when you are married to a mail carrier a different perspective plays into a 'snow fall':) He is able to take an 'emergency vacation day' which makes both of us happy and safe.

Emily is home with us so her dad can take her back/forth to work. I enjoy her company and this house is having its share of extra laughter.

So, I've been doing some cleaning and crafting (really more crafting) and wanted to share with you several cards that I've been making. I really need to work on scrapbooking but somehow the cards always win out.

Well, my friends be safe & warm.

Willa Jean

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  1. Loved the one you sent at Christmas, Ms. Crafty! Thanks and may you have some snowed in fun! :)