Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Mother's Heart

....loves, hurts, celebrates, longs, yearns for her children no matter their age.
A very long time ago, I really thought when my daughters reached adulthood that my role as 'mom' would be over. How could I have been so naive to think that? I have always been pretty protective of my girls and have had to learn to 'let go'. I wish I could say that 'letting go' part was easy..it wasn't. I have learned alot about myself during this transition. I have to let them find their own way. Man, is that hard! Our oldest is a mom training her 4 young children to love God, honor their parents, love & be kind to their siblings, responsibilities, etc. There have been many times I have prayed that God would give her the physical, emotional and spiritual strength that she needs on a daily basis to take care of her household. There have been many times I wish she had an 'easier' life. I've also witnessed her selfless actions, her kind and loving words, and yes many times where she has to consistently be the disciplinarian. I could go on and on. Describing my oldest always comes down to this: God has called her to be a wife and mom (the highest calling) therefore my heart overflows with happiness for her. My youngest' heart's desire has been to teach. Letting her go has been the hardest. Meghan has her husband. Emily is striving to make it on her own. All she wants to do is teach. The excitement in her voice before/after she subs is pure joy. She has a very strong work ethic and has learned to 'pinch' those pennies. My heart aches for her and wish I could get her that teaching job NOW. We have to remind ourselves that God has a plan for Emily. The tears of uncertainty may fall but I know He is in control.
As much as we moms want to control everything and have it all arranged, I know that this mom must humbly bow to my Father and give my daughters to Him on a daily basis. Fear and worry does not fit into God's Plans.
I am so very proud of my daughters!
God has blessed me far more than I deserve.
Meghan & Emily's mom

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