Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Mom

My mom departed her earthly home 2 years ago today.  She was diagnosed with angio sarcoma (sp?) on June 11 and lived 9 days!  Whirlwind, shock, head spinning....yes...and there are many more adjectives to describe those 9 days.  The  main word that comes to my mind is 'grace'...God's grace! 
Oh, do I ever miss her...many, many long telephone conversations.  My mom's love for her family was so strong and in fact sometimes even 'choking'...because you were never an adult you were always her 'child'.  My mom was not perfect but she was forgiven.  She may have made choices to hold onto things from the past....Praise Him who does not...they are washed away.  Do you hold onto past things?  I know I sure know what that hold does it can make you doubt yourself..your inabilities...your shortfalls. 
My Jesus forgives 70 x 70.  Where would I be if He didn't?  We are human and we hurt.  We want to change things that we cannot.  So thankful that the way to Jesus is not based on living up to man's standards. He chose me!  I am so unworthy...but He knew this..
Mom, I sure do miss you!  It has been a bittersweet 2 years.  We took care of dad and he missed you so much! He loved spending time with his family and friends, but boy did he talk about you a lot and oh, was that tough. 
Thank you Lord for my mom
Your daughter!

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